For many companies, trade shows are the opportunity to find new customers, meet new business partners and build new relationships. But, this event shouldn't have to use your annual marketing budget. By adding the cost of planning, the exhibit show fees, staff salaries, the exhibit booth and its assembly's labor cost, the ever increasing raw material as well as the shipping costs, it can quickly become a large expense.

   Strucmodule Inc. can help you reduce the total cost of participation in trade show events and that, in many ways!

   Strucmodule INc. pecializes in distribution and sale of modular exhibit booths made from cutting edge technology materials, a polyamides composite reinforced by an aluminium core, the exhibit booths provide multiple advantages over traditional kiosk's building materials. 

  • Cost nearly 40% less than other manufacturer
  • The materials used in their fabrication, render the exhibit booth:
    • four times lighter than aluminum alone, six times lighter than steel
    • resistant to shocks while maintaining a comparable strength to other materials
  • Dye pre-molding integration makes scratches and accidental impacts virtually undetectable.
  • No tool required for an easy assembly.
  • The booth allow for an infinite number of combinations, either by using the modules currently help or with minimal additional parts

Your investment will last for years to come!


European product
now available in Canada!

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